7:30 PM19:30

Melaku Belay and Fendika @ The Eclectic Willimantic, CT

Fenika, a troupe of the most accomplished azmari musicians and dancers from Addis Ababa, draws deeply from the well of Ethiopias bardic tradition while adding creative movements and sounds that revitalize their ancient artistic forms.

Melaka is a virtuoso interpreter of eskista, a traditional Ethiopian trance dance of athletic shoulder movements that presage hip hop movements of breaking and popping. Their show builds in sonic and dance intensity, often culminating in an exciting interaction as Fendika members join the audience to invite dance participation

Fendika features six performers  two dancers, a singer, and instruments including kebero drums, masenko (a one-stringed bowed fiddle), and krar (a five- or six-stringed lyre). 

Fendika members:                                               
Melaku Belay, dance
Zinash Tsegaye, dance
Mesay Abebaye, kebero drums
Fassika Hailu, krar
Gizachew Teklemariam, masenko
Nardos Tesfaw, vocals


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