echo uganda

An invitation to participate in stories told, sung, and danced from a culturally rich area of East Africa, "The Pearl of Africa": Uganda. Acoustic arrangements of traditional folk songs performed using authentic instrumentation: strings, flutes, and percussion. Audience participation is inevitable.


Gideon has established a performing group of primarily Americans, taught each member how to play the instruments from Uganda, the melodic progressions of the songs, the vocal arrangements and pronunciation of the Ugandan languages, and the stories and dances which accompany each song.

The ease with which this occurred, and the strong respectful rapport the band mates share with one another, allowed for the creation of a very special group sharing a singularly important experience.

All songs played are traditional Ugandan folk songs in which stories and historical events were documented and passed through generations. Lyrics are in varying languages. Echo Uganda performances range situationally from a few songs to 90 minutes.

Gideon has performed internationally, prior to his move to the States, in France, Spain, and Canada. Echo Uganda thus far, has been primarily based in the North Eastern U.S. and Canada, however they have performed for a vast array of audiences, including multiple dates for United Nations events such as the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights at the UN.

The band has donated much of its time and energy to raise awareness and sometime funds to help benefit others.

Band members

Tara Kurland: Endingidi, vocals

Elena Ampeire: Amadinda, vocals

Jessica Lennington: Solo Adungu, vocals

David Magnuson: Medium Adungu

Kristin Fortier: Vocals, Shakers, pan pipes

Mark Giangrave: Bass Adungu

Chris Demorit: Percussion

Gideon Ampeire: Lead

Guest Performers

Susie Barb: Percussion, vocals

Bernard Castillo: Percussion, flutes

Kynoch Reale-Munroe: Adungu, flutes, vocals